The hidden danger: Merging with Artificial Intelligence

Sure, merging with technology sounds really cool. The promise that we will be able to become so powerful, we might become Gods. To transhuman, and be able to process massive amounts of information in a matter of a blink of an eye.

But, there is one question I’d really like to ask. If we do merge with technology, what would that do to our self-consciousness?. Well, many of you would say; -duh, we become fucking awesome-. Mmm, I’d like to think that, but I doubt it. Think about it, the whole purpose to create it would be, trying to overpass technology before it overpass us.

If one person somehow manages to enhance its brain, accelerating its thoughts by thousands of years in one second, would that person be the same, or would it change every characteristic of the personality and thoughts that he or she has?. And that is almost certain is going to happen, and a stupid insight that any brainless dude could have. But let me explain what I mean. What is the fucking point of merging with AI if the prehistoric you, is probably gonna die to make way for a new and totally different you?. Is like a chimpanzee, getting an implant and becoming a normal human being, It will lose every characteristic that made him an animal in essence. No longer it will like to climb trees and eat bananas, but it will drive it to seek other meanings.

And I think one of the worst dangers will be technology taking over our brains. Maybe the end of the human species will not be robots killing us, but a quantum computer controlling ourselves. And if you think about it, we thought that in the future we were gonna see flying cars and automation in every corner we turned around, but instead, we are getting more and more immersed in our devices.

Anyways I’m just speculating because is fun, is fun to think about the future and come out with all kind of crazy theories. If you liked it, leave a comment and let know what you think is going to happen. Thank You for reading.






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