(Photo by Tom Hall, https://www.flickr.com/photos/tom_hall_nz/14993052203/in/photolist-oQTj54-oQChki-6yUj-qTnATA-ajd5n3-qwWogc-5J6k94-jm1L5y-f4gLbr-76eojn-bWMmqL-f4prwS-gRZxDu-9mRAWj-5kPXVz-aGEPRF-aqxGX6-yJtx4-p4zRSi-oTE5cL-fmqtQK-ecPsb2-MTg6-6gr1Gt-gBcC7-6xbPjy-98pHNe-aCJZdN-euTdwd-2nLp8-akP1vx-9CLnb-28b5mj-4judii-cWTx2y-4om8TV-b47TKz-fsYgZx-e4Js2S-6wxz2P-aVfYy-aFg4fv-29Veup-cWTwgG-97AUWh-9ikZmG-cWTArU-aeeh5T-7sky1G-fs5y3N )

Look up at the stars.

If you find yourself caught in the selfish, constant movement of the day, or when you are walking on the┬ástreet, you stop and look up, then you see the faces of the people trying to get anywhere, to accomplish something. And suddenly you realize you are in the past, and in the future, but you … Continue reading Look up at the stars.