Look up at the stars.

If you find yourself caught in the selfish, constant movement of the day, or when you are walking on the street, you stop and look up, then you see the faces of the people trying to get anywhere, to accomplish something. And suddenly you realize you are in the past, and in the future, but you are never in the present. Because every second are occurring these never ending implosions in your head, you are quantifying information without any purpose whatsoever. You are overthinking, trying to paint the picture of your life, and trying to make sense to all this bullshit. If that ever happen to you, remind that night to look up at the stars.

Because every time, something is happening out there, bigger than us for sure. And we can stop, breathe, and say that there is a bigger purpose to all of this, or maybe there isn’t, and what is the matter with that. There might or might not be a God. Or the truth possibly is something that we can not yet conceive. Our finite minds are too small to understand this cosmic dance. And, is there something wrong with that?.

So I invite you to look up at the stars tonight. Imagine a thousand planets or a thousand species. Breathe, and be glad that we are part of this cosmic dance.


(Photo by Tom Hall, https://www.flickr.com/photos/tom_hall_nz/14993052203/in/photolist-oQTj54-oQChki-6yUj-qTnATA-ajd5n3-qwWogc-5J6k94-jm1L5y-f4gLbr-76eojn-bWMmqL-f4prwS-gRZxDu-9mRAWj-5kPXVz-aGEPRF-aqxGX6-yJtx4-p4zRSi-oTE5cL-fmqtQK-ecPsb2-MTg6-6gr1Gt-gBcC7-6xbPjy-98pHNe-aCJZdN-euTdwd-2nLp8-akP1vx-9CLnb-28b5mj-4judii-cWTx2y-4om8TV-b47TKz-fsYgZx-e4Js2S-6wxz2P-aVfYy-aFg4fv-29Veup-cWTwgG-97AUWh-9ikZmG-cWTArU-aeeh5T-7sky1G-fs5y3N )

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